Salesforce Consumer First 2019

The relationship between consumers (and their data) and Fashion, Travel & Hospitality and Consumer Packaged Goods companies


Lutech Ten, a Salesforce Platinum partner since 2016 and part of Lutech’s Customer Engagement & CRM team, is a sponsor of Consumer First 2019, the Salesforce event dedicated to consumers and their relations with companies operating in the Fashion, Travel & Hospitality and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sectors.

The event, which will take place in Milano on October 17, at Spazio W37 in via Giacomo Watt 37, will be centered around consumers, their habits, preferences, and behavior. Consumers, who, with their data, crucial for creating personalized and valuable relationships and interactions between brands and people, are more than just customers.

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From Shopper to Consumer to rise to the digital transformation challenge

The third edition of the Salesforce Shopper First event has therefore changed its name to Consumer First, precisely because the focus of the day will be to narrate the customer journey of a consumer coming into contact with a fashion brand, booking a trip and buying products at the supermarket, a single person in different contexts.

Collecting data on customers, on products and on purchase locations, whether physical or digital, transforming them into information (the so-called consumer insights) and finally into specific actions, establishing relationships with consumers is the key to successfully responding to the challenge of digital transformation.

The product-centric approach, aimed at optimizing processes to bring products to the consumer, needs to be integrated by a consumer-centric approach, that is, using all the information we collect about an individual consumer to improve both the omnichannel customer experience and customer engagement methods, since it is only by observing the customer that the relationship between the brand and its interlocutors can be innovated.

Lutech and Salesforce: from Customer Engagement to Digital Commerce

Lutech’s team dedicated to Digital Customer Experience is able to conceive and carry out projects that monitor the entire customer journey: starting from the construction of a single point of view of the customer, which includes all behavior and purchases on each channel and device, to design engagement, cross-selling and up-selling strategies, with the aim of increasing and optimizing sales, up to service management and to support retention and loyalty programs.

Lutech’s case studies focus on the following Salesforce solutions:

  • Saleforce Sales Cloud CRM 
  • Salesforce Community Cloud and Salesforce Wave Analytics
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Saleforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Consumer First 2019 information

October 17, 2019, from 14:00  

Spazio W37, Via Giacomo Watt, 37 - Milan

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