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Lutech Group with Dolomiti Energia for digital innovation

In a multi-year journey of innovation and renewal of business systems, the multiutility has equipped itself with new advanced technological and managerial solutions, serving 733,000 customers

An important digital and organizational innovation journey to overcome technological limits and support new business initiatives. This is the project that Lutech Group, an Italian leader in digital technology, has implemented for Dolomiti Energia, aimed at digitally transforming systems to support the entire meter-to-cash process and optimize credit and cash flow management.

Through this collaborative project, developed over several years to transform their systems, Dolomiti Energia has equipped itself with advanced technological tools and solutions, optimizing the delivery of its energy services according to a series of strategic objectives aimed at further improving customer service: billing based on actual consumption, reducing invoice issuance times, minimizing discrepancies and management time, and enabling the introduction of new business ventures beyond energy sales.

Key initiatives included the evolution of the "SAP IS-U" application of the Commercial Company to the new "SAP IS-U S/4 HANA" version on Azure Cloud; the development of a new Meter Data Management solution tasked with managing all measurements (including those from 2G meters) for use by various Dolomiti Energia applications; and the conversion of the company's "SAP SD" application to the new "SAP SD S/4 HANA" version, centralizing billing and sales activities.

The data migration from previous to new digital systems, accumulated over a historical base of 6 years of service provision, involved 1 million energy installations for 733,000 customers, impacting 1.7 million installations and 27 million meter readings.

"Sustainability is now a fundamental pillar in our approach to business and technology. Through this ambitious project with Dolomiti Energia, we have adopted advanced digital solutions that not only enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes but also promote environmental sustainability, significantly reducing energy consumption and limiting energy waste. Process optimization is now one of the most important tools for organizations like Dolomiti Energia, which daily gather vast amounts of data, to expand a virtuous path of sustainable innovation that helps minimize environmental impact, ensuring a greener and more sustainable service to 733,000 customers," stated Angela Pinciroli, Head of Energy, Utilities, and Transportation Industry at Lutech Group.

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