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We guide companies through consultancy for managing company data to improve their performance

End-to-end IoT solutions

Lutech’s Industrial IoT offering combines hardware components and software solutions, from sensor design to analytics management, making it one of the most important developers of Industry 4.0 projects.

Il Gruppo Lutech, con una solida expertise nei percorsi di digitalizzazione e di innovazione delle aziende del Manufacturing e nei progetti IoT, ha un team di Consulenti e Advisor dedicati per rispondere alle esigenze e ai challenge delle aziende nel percorso di trasformazione digitale e innovazione.

Lutech Group, with extensive expertise in digitization and innovation pathways for Manufacturing companies and in IoT projects, boasts a team of dedicated Consultants and Advisors to meet the needs and challenges of companies in the digital transformation and innovation journey.

At the center of IoT and Smart Manufacturing Consulting services is the supply of AaaS, Assessment as a Service, which includes the necessary introductory Advisory component in order to define a precise map of the IT infrastructure and the pre-existing industrial components. Following the mapping, we proceed to create a strategy and an action plan solely on the basis of the business priorities.

It is important to highlight that, in projects of this type, we do not push for forced replacement of infrastructure or machinery components, unless strictly necessary: the primary goal is to maintain a high ROI, above all through the revamping of what is already present and precise intervention only on specific components which do not satisfy the required goals and KPIs.

From consultancy to execution with the integration of data, software and Smart Factory and IoT products

The revamping of the structure is supported by a complete portfolio of Smart Connected products and Smart Factory solutions designed to fully optimize the operational processes.

The correct processing and orchestration of the data generated by the different company assets represents the main goal of the consultancy project first and foremost, and subsequently the execution. For this reason, input/output, analytics and management instruments and interfaces of the pre-existing systems and services take on particular importance in order to guarantee the digital continuity between the different data sources (CRM, ERP, PLM, MES/MOM, to name just a few), as well as remote field services based on Augmented Reality for the digitization of the remote support processes.

IoT Security

Quali sono i rischi legati all’IoT Security e come può un’organizzazione proteggere i propri sistemi e dati in modo efficace?

Digital Performance Management at the foundations of Lutech’s consultancy-based approach

As previously mentioned, the Lutech team’s Smart Manufacturing and IoT consultancy service goes beyond the as-is assessment and analysis phase, to consolidate an ongoing strategy parallel to the project implementation. The consultancy-based support takes concrete shape in the orchestration solution for the data from a range of company sources which allows a genuinely connected Smart Factory to be structured which is guided by the data, based on measurement and fine tuning of the proposed actions.

The adoption of a Digital Performance Management logic is thus implemented in order to measure the entire “company system”, which cuts across all stakeholders involved:

  • The Executive side has a global view of the performance of the plants, with a focus on the issues with the highest impact in terms of optimizing production and corporate processes
  • The Department Heads side allows for more efficient monitoring of the production department and data silos
  • The Machine Operators side, on other hand, allows for real-time implementation of corrective and improvement actions in order to improve plant performance, thanks to the gathered data.

Ultimately, the end result of an IoT project manifests through a centralized and uniform platform able to gather and orchestrate the data and to manage the events with essential automation, predictive and speed of development characteristics in real time in order to improve the client engagement of the users thanks to the content created.

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