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We lead digital transformation projects for the manufacturing sector in order to extract the maximum value from a company’s data, orchestrating ecosystems in which CRM, PLM, ERP, MES/MOM and scalable Smart Factory solutions support your business performance.

Gathering data through sensors and machines, transferring them automatically via the network and above all transforming them into value for the company is the beating heart of the Smart Factory Solutions which Lutech offers and manages within the digital transformation pathway for manufacturing companies.

Lutech Group indeed puts itself forward as one of the most complete and reliable IT partners for the development of Smart Factory and IoT projects, thanks to an end-to-end offering which starts out with a consultancy phase to draw up a specific digitization roadmap for the client, and continues through to the integration of intelligent and connected hardware components and software solutions from the best technology partners, in order to orchestrate data from a range of different sources and return them in a manner which meets needs and expectations.

Smart Manufacturing

With Smart Product and Smart Factory solutions, companies can improve their efficiency, optimizing the quality of their production and reducing costs, thanks to genuinely “informed” decision-making capacities

Consultancy-based approach and holistic solutions for digital continuity in the Smart Factory

Lutech’s Smart Factory projects are able to create “connected” factories, thanks to IoT, Big Data, Artificial intelligence and AR solutions, enabling companies to create and manage data for monitoring, preventive analysis of the status of the production machinery, right through to the implementation of new business models.

“The priority for manufacturing companies is “digital continuity”, in other words the need to extract all value from the data available in the company useful for genuinely informed and strategic decision making in a concrete manner.”

In the new Smart Factory models, simple convergence between IT and OT, between information and operational technology, is no longer sufficient: it is necessary to create a flow of data available to all company departments, overcoming the isolation of information typically stored in departmental silos.
The highest levels of visibility over production data guarantees results which would have been unimaginable until a few years ago in terms of optimization of processes, increased efficiency and time-to-market and timely awareness of critical issues and machine downtime. What’s more, the integration of machine learning algorithms, or more generally of tools based on Artificial Intelligence, ensures intelligent monitoring of machines for predictive purposes and significant opportunities for optimizing production, focusing it on the processing of information correlated with clients, and therefore on the business goals.

Information not available

Lack of information means it is not possible to define and measure valid KPIs for continuous improvement

LIFE- Lutech Intelligence Factory Enterprise

This is Lutech’s digital continuity solution able to guide and direct the goals of companies in the manufacturing sector

To solve the problem of data spread across multiple IT systems (ERP, PLM, CRM, MES - MOM, to name but a few) with different data models, Lutech adopts an approach which allows the use of a single point for all data from multiple sources, an integratable, flexible, scalable and modular solution which sets itself the goal of achieving tangible benefits for companies:

  • Optimization of production, with significant reduction of factory downtime
  • Acceleration of industrial automation, with consequent reductions in errors and the time required to implement changes
  • Improved productivity of the workforce, benefiting the efficiency of the operator and with reductions in shift change times
  • Increased quality, with reductions in reworks and defects, and reduced cost of quality.

Lutech’s solutions for the Smart Factory

RFID & IOT Solutions

Development of proprietary software solutions for RFID |IoT hardware components for manufacturing, access control, security, logistics and inventory

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Thanks to digital continuity, engineers have access to the same project versions across multiple domains, and this allows them to work in a synchronized manner, also reducing the time-to-market. But information of an engineering nature, like that relating to product life cycle, can be useful in the customer engagement phase, or for making strategic decisions.

Naturally, this is not created with a single product, but rather with a project which orchestrates multiple technology solutions. In Lutech’s strategy, the key technologies for implementing digital continuity are CRMPLM, ERP, MES or MOM, right through to embracing the entire factory ecosystem.

Our Solutions for the Smart Factory include:

Lutech has the expertise to choose and implement the leading technologies in the Smart Factory market and to create solutions, including holistic ones, allowing for perfect data integration between the different departments. There are no more barriers: there is a single access path to the data which everyone uses for different purposes, allowing for greater competitiveness of companies in the sector.

“Lutech has created the DemoLab IoT, in Fornovo – in the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley, at the Innovation Farm site. It is a shared project with our partners Cisco and Ptc, to encourage experimentation and skills transfer – in particular the specialist ICT skills which are indispensable both for the new generations who have to cultivate their own professional abilities, and for those who already work in the sector but must update their skills and requalify professionally"

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cisco ptc innovation farm white

DemoLab IoT

Visit our new IoT DemoLab and find out how to preview the experience of a 4.0 Factory. With Lutech, Cisco and PTC.

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