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The business dynamics of the Energy & Utilities industry are in constant change. Industrial mergers and consolidations, client expectations, a focus on profits and renewable energy are driving market operators to invest in technology and expertise to meet the requests of the market.

In an operational and market context which is evolving rapidly, it is fundamentally important for operators to equip themselves with distinctive skills and qualify themselves as experts able to provide vertical expertise and integrate them with legacy market solutions.

Lutech has put its strategy into action within the Energy & Utilities Business Unit by investing in an Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solution and then planned its integration with a cloud-based billing solution. Lutech’s vertical solution is a web-based platform with a modular architecture suited to use on multi-cloud infrastructure and a functional map structured for the supply of microservices.

It is essential for clients to place their trust in a partner with undoubted expertise in the energy management software solutions sector, which is able to provide modern, completely integrated tools that combine strengths such as wide functional coverage, ease of use, and constant updates to comply with applicable legislation.

Energy Management software&solutions

Ampia copertura funzionale, semplicità di utilizzo, costante aggiornamento rispetto alla normativa vigente, alla base delle soluzioni integrate di Lutech

Complete energy trading and multi-commodity support

Lutech has invested in a vertical energy trading and risk management solution which supports companies in managing their daily requirements, guarantees coverage in terms of markets and commodities managed, ease of use and flexibility, in full compliance with regulatory reporting requirements (e.g. EMIR/REMIT). The strengths of this solution and approach are:

  • Innovative architectures for use on multi-cloud platforms

  • Microservices delivery model

  • Modular and scalable solution

  • Roadmap development aligned and updated with the development of the normative and regulatory context

  • Specialist expertise in the processes of the energy and utilities industry, with a focus on ETRM and energy management

  • Multi-market and multi-commodity management

  • Post-go live support with specialist process expertise

Lutech has reached a level of technological maturity and functional coverage such to place itself amongst the most advanced and stable energy trading and integrated risk management software systems currently available.

Lutech Energy & Utilities Products and solutions

Perseo Suite

Perseo Suite is Lutech’s complete multi-market, multi-commodity solution.
The functions of this application touch on different fields, from strategy and optimization to billing.

  • Portfolio Management

  • Risk Management

  • Settlement, Shadow Settlement and Invoicing

  • Operations (Scheduling and Bidding)

  • Compliance

  • What-if Analysis and Forecasting

  • Daily and Intradaily Market Data Reporting tools

  • Contract Management and Master Agreements

  • Price and Profile Repository

  • Deal Capture

Electryon Suite

Electryon Suite is Lutech’s complete EDM (Energy Data Manager) system for management at the level of master data, morphology and measurement of consumption points and electricity production.

  • Electryon offers support to the centralized acquisition, approval and processing of estimated and actual metering data for calculating retail power and gas requirements, their analysis, quality control of the data and aggregate management, including from a dispatching point of view. Metering Management (Power Generation and Consumption)

  • Automatic import Retail metering data

  • Energy Data Manager

  • Compliance and Authority Communications

  • Portfolio aggregation features

  • Demand Forecasting Software

  • Reporting

Energy Data Center

Energy Data Center is the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution developed by Lutech specifically for the energy trading and risk management market:

  • +200 Data Linkers for automatic acquisition

  • Operational Dashboard

  • +200GB of Normalized Data

  • Public and Private Data

  • Dedicated API

  • Cloud and Big Data

Tradisk Desk

Trading Desk is Lutech’s trading solution, an advanced technology platform which guides clients in prop trading activities through precise algotrading and analysis systems.

  • Automatic Scheduling

  • Real time portfolio analysis

  • Trayport direct connectivity

  • User defined Strategies DDL

  • Multilanguage (R, Matlab, C# etc.)

  • Native Integration with Perseo Suite and EDC

  • Reporting and Dashboarding

  • Price Alert mechanism

  • Multi-Country

  • Shadow Settlement

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