A progressive web app to improve drive to store and service in b2b retail

Customized digital catalog experience and integrated functions in and out of store


Retail Mobile

Le progressive web app permettono di gestire filtri avanzati nella pagina categoria, configurare prodotti anche complessi, trovare il prodotto giusto nel momento giusto

Better customer service with a view to achieving loyalty and drive to store support are the requirements behind the development of a Progressive Web App, a solution for the digital transformation path in B2B retail which is still highly innovative.

Lutech and one of the leading Italian companies in the distribution of electrical equipment, lighting and industrial automation launched a major customer experience integration project. With more than 60 points of sale and a team of 500 salespeople working on the commercial back-end, the client presented a highly structured business model.

In order to support its sales network and improve its customer experience, the company needed to expand its digital presence, mainly represented by a B2B e-commerce platform, by focusing on a greater range of services for its customers:

  • Customized digital catalog consultation
  •  Geolocation push notifications for the store locator
  •  Real-time omni-channel inventory visibility
  •  More mobile services, 24/7.

Drive to store

Grazie alle notifiche push di geolocalizzazione e alla visibilità dell’inventory omnichannel in real time le PWA sono uno strumento propulsore per il drive to store

Digitization of the catalog and PIM as the basis of digital sales

The introduction of a new PIM solution does not affect previous investments in a B2B platform. In this context, a precise integration process is fundamental.

The Progressive Web App project has further enhanced the potential of the digital catalog, based on Informatica’s PIM (Product Information Management) solution and once again implemented by Lutech’s team, thanks to the integration with the ERP/SAP and the e-commerce website.

The digitization of the catalog, preparatory to the digital sales process in this case, with the optimization of product information flows by all suppliers, has transformed unstructured sources into structured files to input into the platform.

The commitment to standardize product information for approximately 2 million SKUs and the definition of data quality processes led to immediate results, right from the outset. The client noted significant reductions in time to market and an increase in new customers regardless of their proximity to the points of sale.

Two million SKUs

managed with the digital catalog, with a significant reduction in the time to market and an increase in customers, over and above the physical retail network.

A Progressive Web App for the customer offering

Omni-channel Experience & Personalization

The Progressive Web App (PWA), developed and designed at the UI/UX level by Lutech, is a service accessible via both desktop and mobile devices; its benefits include not requiring downloads of traditional apps, while ensuring the same loading and interaction speed.

The solution focused on the goal of creating a truly engaging and seamless customer experience with integrated out-of-store and in-store features, based on two main drivers and features:

  • Realtime omni-channel inventory visibility
  • Customized digital catalog consultation: the right content at the right time and on any device.

In particular, with regard to the Out-of-Store Experience, the search was optimized and enhanced. In addition, rich features, such as Buy Online and Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and exclusive two-hour delivery, were added.

As far as the In-Store Experience is concerned, on the other hand, digitization of the loyalty card, the inclusion of geomarketing functions in all the stores and inventory geolocation in each store are noteworthy. Again, push notifications were inserted for the promotion of the day and in-store self-orders were made faster.

The introduction of a PWA has not only enriched the customer experience, but has also supported the achievement of targets by the customer’s sales force.

In conclusion, the most evident results following the revision of the digital catalog and the introduction of a Progressive Web App can be summarized with a single figure: +7% turnover within just two weeks of the launch of the solution.


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