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Virtual Show Room for engaging remote communication

A real case of phygital experience in the fashion world dedicated to buyers and Top Clients


Fashion digital transformation, inventory visibility and fulfillment: seeing the product the key.

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The ability to create a relationship in which connection, interaction and involvement are guaranteed and constantly nurtured is the basis of every business relationship, in every sector.
Thanks to technology and process innovation, drastically accelerated by Covid-19, we are witnessing a redefinition of the place where these relationships take place: an increasingly hybrid and virtual place, where commercial propositions, product presentations and contract closings now often occur almost exclusively remotely.

In the fashion industry, setting a new normal was an unprecedented challenge. On the one hand for the balance to be kept between inclusiveness and exclusivity of agreements and business relationships, on the other hand for the decisive role that the "senses" of the buyers have in concluding the sale: see garments and accessories worn, understand their wearability live, touching the texture of the fabrics by hand are part of an immersive and real time experience that is difficult to replicate.

With the suspension, and still reduction, of fashion events, the sales assistant, always alongside the buyers during the fashion shows, misses the most intimate moment with the buyer, that is the visit to the Show Room in which to live the physical experience of the clothes / accessories just seen on the catwalk, with a further "close-up" view of the same worn by a model, a moment in which it is possible to collect decisive pre-orders and wishlists.

In this context, Lutech and Cisco have designed and developed a collaboration solution to equip the Showroom of one of the top players in the fashion sector with all the devices and services necessary to allow a remote connection with the Top Client, creating a real Phygital Customer Experience.

Case History

Omnichannel Product Information Management (PIM) in Fashion Retail

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Phygital experience in the fashion world: the Cisco and Lutech Virtual Showroom


RFID in the Fashion and Unified Commerce world

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Il primo step è stato effettuare una attenta analisi degli spazi e delle esigenze di comunicazione del Cliente, procedendo quindi ad una mappatura di tutti gli use case possibili, ovvero della necessità di connettersi a interlocutori con diverse esigenze, dai buyer, ai Top Client B2C, agli store del brand, a team aziendali da remoto, ai fornitori.
Lo show room è stato quindi dotato dei dispositivi Cisco necessari per consentire un’esperienza immersiva, consentendo al cliente di vivere un’esperienza virtuale della nuova collezione tramite videoconferenza, grazie al supporto di piattaforma Cisco Webex.

The first step was to carry out a careful analysis of the Customer's spaces and communication needs, thus proceeding to a mapping of all possible use cases, or rather of the need to connect to interlocutors with different needs, from buyers to B2C Top Clients, to brand stores, to remote business teams, to suppliers.
The show room was then equipped with the Cisco devices necessary to allow an immersive experience, allowing the customer to live a virtual experience of the new collection via video conferencing, thanks to the support of the Cisco Webex platform.

"Rebuilding" events and meetings able to unite and integrate virtual and physical interactions and strengthen the bond with customers in a new way, a real phygital customer experience

The same tools are proving to be decisive in expanding one's audience and engaging new customers, thanks to a remote use of "physical" content that is also engaging for prospects, with the power to control the cameras, choose any view or angle, as well as to zoom in on the details of the garment / accessory with the support of the sales assistant.

The advantages for buyers are tangible, associated with the basic condition, that is to be "anywhere"

  • Enjoy an exclusive and personalized view of the collection
  • Communicate in one-to-one mode in a sort of potentially H24 dedicated Digital Fair
  • Choose to view the garments/accessories worn with full support from the sales assistant for layout, zoom and angle changes

On the Sales Assistant side, the implemented solution allows you to ensure business continuity in all conditions, collect information and data from the customer and continue a business relationship without losing the human touch, thanks to the potential provided by interactive and smart solutions.

Lutech is Cisco Gold Certified Partner

Cisco is one of the world's leading players in the most advanced technologies for collaboration.

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The potential of Hybrid work solutions: the strength of digital engagement

Hybrid work

Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions, Document Management and Workflow Management to work more and more efficiently

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This new way of connecting to the best customers and buyers requires a change in customer engagement: a digital change that brings the opportunity to collect and exploit digital data, together with the construction of an increasingly loyal relationship. A transformation that today does not only concern the relationship with customers but also with employees, collaborators and partners, whose relationships now take place in a hybrid space, with people simultaneously present at the headquarters or in another place, or in a totally remote mode .

A digital workplace digital workplace that allows to maintain business continuity in critical situations and that allows a new way of collaborating for the future, no longer linked to contingent situations such as the Covid emergency but to strategic and structural choices of a company capable of creating a win-win balance between employee performance and well-being, thanks to the characteristics of Cisco's Hybrid Work solutions:

  • Flexible, to adapt to every way of working, every role and every environment
  • Inclusive, able to provide equally satisfying experiences for both those who are remotely and those who are physically present on site
  • "Supportive", of concrete support for the psychophysical well-being of people
  • Safe, following the principles of secure by design and private by default, exploiting cutting-edge real time data loss prevention solutions and respecting the compliance terms of all interlocutors
  • Managed, thanks to a modern infrastructure and tools for corporate IT that allow them to manage the complexity of an ecosystem in which software, physical and cloud devices are active at the same time
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