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Digital transformation is changing our day-to-day living: pervasive connectivity, clouds and data allow people and companies to do things which were unimaginable just a few years ago. On the other hand, this opens up catastrophic possibilities if the security measures put in place should fail: not by chance has the World Economic Forum ranked the risks from cyber attacks behind only those due to climate change and natural disasters, placing network security firmly in the priorities of companies and public bodies.

Lutech manages the risks deriving from Digital Transformation, ensuring that the client’s IT assets, personnel, brand and other assets are defended against the growing online threats, by following and addressing the requirements of the corresponding laws and regulations through targeted cybersecurity advisory services.

Thanks to its advanced expertise and skilled professionals, Lutech carries out projects in business-critical, heterogeneous and complex contexts, supporting clients as a trusted advisor in choosing the best solutions to adopt on the basis of the specific operating context.

Lutech operates across all the main markets (Finance, Telco & Media, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Energy, Aerospace & Defense, Critical Infrastructure), using state-of-the-art technologies and solutions and guaranteeing the highest level of partnership with the main cybersecurity vendors.

Cybersecurity Advisory

We support clients in choosing the best solutions, following and navigating through the complex legal and regulatory requirements in order to manage the risks of digital transformation

Lutech Cybersecurity services & advisory

Security end-to-end


Design & build


Our cybersecurity services and solutions supply model guarantees clients an end-to-end approach which is able to guide them from the analysis and design phases, through implementation of the proposed solutions, and then support them in operational management thanks to the managed security services offered by Lutech’s Next-generation SOC (NG-SOC).

After an analysis phase in which an assessment of the network is carried out, the Lutech team fully manages the design and implementation of the IT & Cybersecurity solutions, before acting as a crucial point of reference for supporting the client’s operational management.

Security Governance, Risk and Compliance

The visibility, monitoring and measurement of the effectiveness of the security solutions adopted by clients is becoming a central element in the management of cyber risk, and more generally in the management of corporate risk. It is no longer sufficient to demonstrate implementation of a security infrastructure, as it is now becoming essential to provide evidence of the effectiveness of this and how it reduces the client’s overall level of risk. Lutech offers services and solutions which are able to meet these goals.

Endpoint & Mobile Security

Digitization of the workplace and the introduction of tools for mobile access to corporate data and resources, both on-premises and in cloud, has exceeded the traditional protection model for the corporate perimeter. For this reason, protection of the endpoints and mobile devices is now a fundamental strategy in reducing clients’ online risk. Lutech offers cutting-edge solutions and technologies (e.g. EDR, EMS, EMM, ATP) for making mobile devices safe.

Next Generation Firewall and Network Security

Next-generation firewalls are integrated network security platforms, based on a combination of hardware and software developed to detect and block the most recent and sophisticated attacks which can no longer be managed with traditional firewalls. Lutech has always offered network security projects and solutions, and its long-standing consolidated experience in this area makes the company a benchmark for both clients and vendors.

Data Protection & Application Security

Data protection and application security have become key elements in client security strategies since the concept of the corporate perimeter has become ever-increasingly blurred. Lutech offers encryption, data loss prevention and database activity monitoring solutions for data protection, alongside web application firewall and identity protection solutions for securing applications and user identities.

Vulnerability &Threats management

Often, IT threats exploit vulnerabilities which have been known for months, if not years. For this reason, the adoption of Vulnerability Management solutions has become a priority in clients’ agendas. Lutech offers market-leading solutions in this area, providing its clients with the possibility to choose complementary and innovative continuous security validation solutions to perform an objective check on the level of security of the security solutions already present.

Cloud & Multi-Cloud Security

The accelerated adoption of cloud and multi-cloud solutions and environments has made clear the need to complement traditional on-premises security solutions with specific solutions designed for such contexts. Lutech offers its customers solutions to secure SaaS, PaaS and IaaS environments, such as Cloud Access Security Broker for the main vendors on the market.

IOT & Industrial Security

The advent of 5G will drastically expand the so-called Internet of Everything, which we are already beginning to experience on a day-to-day basis. Pervasive connectivity and devices/protocols which are no longer attributable to normal IT paradigms open the door to new and significant cyber threats. Lutech is ready to take on these challenges thanks to its expertise, cutting-edge solutions and next-level partnerships with the main vendors in the sector.

Next Generation Security Operation Center

The increasing number and complexity of security solutions required to protect corporate assets often present clients with the problem of how to manage such solutions in an optimum manner, both in terms of the skills and efforts required.

Lutech is able to meet this requirement thanks to its complete offering of services managed by its Next-Generation Security Operations Center.

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