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RFID & IoT Solutions


Automated management of activities and services, access control, inventory control, logistics and payment simplification are just some of the areas in which Lutech provides the best software and hardware solutions in the IOT&RFID field.

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is able to automatically record data on people, objects, machinery and so on: the electronic tag  allows real-time tracking, identification and monitoring, thanks to the connection with a fixed or mobile Internet terminal. This is the so-called Internet Of Things (IOT), of which RF technology is often a requirement.

Lutech’s strength in this area is being able to combine:

  • System integrator skills of the best solutions in the IoT field, thanks to partners such as PTC and Azure
  • Ability to design and develop proprietary software solutions
  • Implementation of RFID hardware components (OEM multitag devices, readers, etc.)

The IoT solutions provided by Lutech, based mainly on RFID technology, are geared towards simplifying daily processes and activities in a wide range of manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors: from pharmaceuticals to chemicals, metallurgy, food, and retail right through to the automotive sector.

Process optimization and increased manufacturing efficiency

RFID technology is the core of data transmission automation, the process that regulates the scheduling of operational activities (e.g. the pace of an assembly line). Lutech provides solutions that ensure the highest levels of control and safety of this procedural automation and reduce the need for human intervention, in both the production and service phase, with concrete benefits:

  • Better support thanks to the immediate management of all information
  • Time and cost savings

In particular, Lutech has extensive expertise in the automotive sector, in production of read/write stations for transponder data and displays, and in after-sales services in workshops, where vehicle history data is read directly by the car key, speeding up service activities.

Access control, time and attendance management and security

Entry and exit tracking

In large companies with multiple locations, parking lots, gyms, hotels, and event venues

Lutech, has greatly simplified and exit monitoring from certain aereas (large companies with multiple locations, parking lots, gyms, hotels, event venues, etc.) through  software and hardware solutions.

The activities are constantly managed, recorded and cataloged, with information that facilitates the creation of reliable statistics on:

  • Gate control
  • Access to selected areas
  • Personnel recognition and identification

This data is also at the heart of the multi-function platforms developed by Lutech for centralized integration of fixed and mobile video surveillance, access control and security, with benefits across various application areas:

  •  Integration with license plate and vehicle recognition systems and readers
  • Management compatible with all types of automated barriers and electronic locks
  • Integration with security systems, time and attendance and human resources management, thanks to automation with cards, biometric recognition, or PINcode
  • Integration of intrusion and fire protection systems

Using contactless technology, Lutech has also developed very innovative solutions for both company PCs and notebooks, where Teratron PC_LoC allows automatic login and logout, blocking access from outside the work area, and for opening doors and gates, as Teratron SmartOpen makes a car key into a universal access key

Monitoring and protection of people at home and in hospitals or in high-risk contexts (e.g. hostile environments)


Access control is important for the safety of people.

The information collected is very useful in preventing accidents, especially in hazardous work environments. 

Lutech provides contactless-based solutions that allow fast location of people in complex industrial plants (Teratron LPS) and the protection of people and the prevention of accidents at home and in hospitals, by controlling opening and closing of doors, gates and lockers (Teratron PSS).

Real-time logistics and inventory control in retail


Ideas - RFID in fashion retail

@1xAnteprima Ideas_03 Retail Fashion (1) Discover more

Thanks to RFID technology, all data on goods and machinery is recorded: the position and quantity of the products in the warehouse or in the retail store are thus always updated in real time. This information allows clients to provide logistics services of the highest quality, full traceability, and inventory management and control, therefore providing the customer with the best possible customer experience, thanks to timely information on availability and actual delivery times.


  • Availability of provide real-time information on the status of deliveries and location of goods and vehicles.
  • Simplified inventory.
  • Optimized warehouse management.
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