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Lutech again alongside Clusit advocating for Cybersecurity


Since 2000 at the service of information security

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Lutech has renewed its membership with the association for information technology security for the year 2020.

Clusit - was founded in 2000 at the University of Milan’s Department of Information Technology. It has become the most numerous and authoritative Italian association in the field of IT security, representing more than 500 organizations from all sectors.

In fact, the majority of companies offering IT security solutions, products and services are members of the association, in addition to key players in the following sectors: Research, Industry, Commerce and Distribution, Banking and Insurance, Public Administration, Healthcare, Consulting and Auditing, Services, Energy and Multiutilities, Telecommunications, Information Technology.

A new hub for security

Lutech Group inaugutares its Next-Generation Security Operations Center-NG SOC.

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What is Cybercrime?

It is the type of attack carried out in order to extort money from the victims or to steal information to obtain money.

Clusit’s objectives are to instill a culture of cybersecurity in companies, public administrations and citizens, and to participate in the development of laws, standards and regulations concerning IT security. It also aims to contribute to the shaping of training courses that instruct and certify the various professional figures operating in the security sector and to promote the use of methodologies and technologies to improve levels of security.

To achieve these ambitious goals, the association organizes a series of activities, including specialized training through webinars and seminars, specialist conferences, working groups, observatories and projects for schools, in addition to engaging in research and study, drafting technical and scientific documents, and analyzing the employment market.

In 2018, 1.552 serious attacks were collected and analyzed (+ 37.7% compared to the previous year), with an average of 129 serious attacks per month (compared to an average of 94 per month in 2017, and 88 over 8 years ).

Clusit and Lutech - an expert company with significant references and proprietary Cybersecurity solutions - are excellent partners working together to explore in depth this specific field, promote its value and to discuss and share perspectives.  A synergy that is perfectly represented by Lutech’s active participation in the initiatives promoted by the association. Such participation includes Lutech's overseeing of the scenario and the evolution of Finance sales channels for the 2019 Clusit Report on ICT security. A report that highlighted a ten-fold increase in the number of serious attacks over the last two years.

An ever higher impact on our lives

Cybercrime is the cause of 85% of cyber attacks, an increase of 8.3% compared to the first half of 2018.

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