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Finance Evolution and Prelios Innovation for management of NPE

The partnership with the goal of offering ever-faster and simpler management of problem debts

Fintech: partnership between Finance Evolution and Prelios Innovation for the management of NPEs


Finance Evolution, part of Lutech Group, a leader in Italy in ICT services and solutions, and Prelios Innovation, a Fintech company of the Prelios Group, have signed a partnership agreement to create a privileged communication channel between the BlinkS platform and Finance Evolution’s Panda web-based software. The partnership was created with the goal of offering ever faster and simpler management of problem debts (NPEs, Non Performing Exposures).

The application integration provides for direct communication between Finance Evolution’s Panda – aimed at banks, financial companies and brokers and underwriting syndicate – for the automatic supply of the standard data tape of BlinkS, the reference marketplace in Italy for the sale of NPEs.

The partnership between Finance Evolution and Prelios Innovation is being consolidated at a turbulent time for the NPE sale market. 

According to the projections from the report, the new flows of bad credit or NPL (Non Performing Loans, which are part of NPE as a whole) could reach a total of between 80 and 100 billion Euros in the next 24-30 months. Such significant flows will require a fast and reliable NPE and NPL management applications to be provided to the market.

“Lutech Group’s growth strategy in the world of financial services combines the existing most important presence in credit management systems with an alliance with the most innovative players offering advanced systems and financial services,” points out Willy Burkhardt, CEO of Finance Evolution. “In this context, the integration of BlinkS, developed by Prelios Innovation, with the Finance Evolution platform is just the first step in allowing all our banking and finance clients to sell or purchase UTP and NPL in the future in a structured and continuous format, including credits from factoring, leasing and consumer credit.”

The solution is aimed at both traditional operators (banks, financial companies and brokers) and new players carrying out financial activities with different roles (master servicer, special servicer, credit funds etc). The technology adopted allows both development and maintenance costs to be contained, ensuring the speed of development which is key for this market.

BlinkS is the NPE credit marketplace of reference in Italy, and among the foremost European platforms of this type, so much so that it has been cited as a benchmark by the European and Italian regulators.

Download the press release (Italian)

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