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TenEnigen is here, a single point of reference for Digital Customer Engagement and first 100% Italian Salesforce practice

The merger by incorporation of Enigen into Ten, already a part of the Lutech Group, further consolidates the Salesforce offering for Sales, Marketing and Services


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On January 1, 2021 the process of integration of the two companies already acquired by the Lutech Group gave rise to the new company TenEnigen, through a merger by incorporation of Enigen into Ten. 
With Ten joining the Lutech Group in 2018 and Enigen in 2019, we created the first 100% Italian Salesforce practice with over 250 accredited specialists, 420 certifications and expertise confirmed by hundreds of projects completed for over 400 client companies. 
Today, through this financial operation and the creation of a new coordinated TenEnigen image, the Digital Customer Engagement practice is consolidated as a single company within the Lutech Group, representing a new milestone in the group’s growth and continuing its positioning amongst the Italian leaders in the ICT sector, while strengthening its presence in the wider European market. 

“With this operation,” confirms Gianluigi Sorrentino, Head of Operations Digital Enablers at Lutech Group and TenEnigen CEO, “we are sending a clear message to the market by merging two companies which were already well known to Italian businesses, which will together become an even stronger and more structured entity. From January 1, 2021, clients and partners will have the opportunity to work with a sole point of contact which is solid and with double the references.” 

TenEnigen, the new Italian point of reference for Digital Customer Engagement

The Consulting Business of the Lutech Group which guarantees implementation of the best-in-class solutions included in Salesforce offering for Sales, Marketing and Services. Specialized in the implementation of CRM and Customer Experience (CX) solutions in the Cloud.

The merger brings together all our Customer Engagement professionals under a single brand, incentivizing and facilitating collaboration, development and sharing of know-how, and as a consequence, the growth opportunities for the whole Lutech group.  

TenEnigen will also be making a wider portfolio available to the market with greater operational capacity and a greater ability to meet clients’ business requirements.  
The new union will be represented by a coordinated image which, under the common umbrella of the Lutech Group, will immediately convey the marriage of the two companies Enigen and Ten not only from an administrative perspective, but above all an operational one. 

“Today, customers need to use new models to take on the challenges of digital transformation,” continues Gianluigi Sorrentino, “combining the expertise of external consultants with the development of internal Centers of Excellence for technologies considered strategic. TenEnigen perfectly satisfies these requirements, thanks to a complete offering of implementation services across the entire Salesforce suite combined with the Trailhead Academy, the only authorized Salesforce training center in Italy.”

The process of publicizing the creation of the new Italian Customer Engagement Center has already begun, involving clients, suppliers and partners via the usual 
official channels and the direct channels which have been consolidated over the years, with a particular emphasis on complete operational continuity of projects already in progress, with the goal of driving the entire Lutech Group ecosystem towards a fast and transparent transition. 

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