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Service Operations Center for client infrastructure security

Provide your customers with a security infrastructure that meets their new requirements


The project

Enabling an ICT service provider to guarantee security and reliability for its clients

Information security is an intrinsic and essential feature. If protection and availability are not guaranteed, integrity cannot be guaranteed either, to the detriment of any resulting processing. In a corporate vision that aims to be data-driven, defining correct cybersecurity advisory policies is now essential.

The same policies, which involve heavy use of technological tools, cannot be defined without an adequate culture of security. That is, without precise training principles and evidence-based input involving all company resources.

For this reason, a good ICT provider operating in the corporate market cannot do without a tangible component to its offering, which can manifest itself, for example, by providing its clients with an up-to-date cybersecurity center of expertise.

It is in this light that we must place the task of cybersecurity consultancy and structuring of a dedicated service operation center, taken on by Lutech.

An ICT Service Provider’s offering cannot overlook a tangible security component. A cybersecurity center of expertise with which to provide services to its clients.

The ICT provider stands as a guarantor of a correct security culture

The customer is a company that operates in the domestic ICT services market, offering medium-sized companies and the public administration services and enabling technology platforms to address communication, security and business continuity needs.

Lutech’s client, an ICT provider, relies on a proprietary fiber-optic network of over 9,000 kilometers, with three data centers totaling almost 9,000 m² in area, and a specialized team of over 300 professionals.

The company classes security as a fundamental prerequisite of the services offered to customers and, due to its ever-evolving nature, this is a component subject to constant updates.

Guided by this vision and with the precise objective of supporting companies on the subject and on the potential threats to the business that can derive from an incorrect approach, the client asked Lutech to build a cybersecurity center of expertise, with the dual objective of demonstrating two pieces of evidence to its clients.

Firstly, to guarantee the maximum level of security of the architectures provided to them and, secondly, to take up the role of endorser and guarantor of an innovative and functional cultural approach.

The winning Predict, Prevent, Detect and Respond model

Availability, Confidentiality and Integrity

of technology infrastructure, guaranteed 24/7 with a customized, end-to-end approach

Following the Predict, Prevent, Detect, Respond model, typical of Lutech’s approach, a device management offering was initially configured, which included Next Generation Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Sandboxing solutions. In addition, to ensure the provision of business critical services, the project was completed with an accurate Disaster Recovery Plan.

Lutech’s SOC (Security Operations Center) took charge of the Monitoring, Identification and Alerting phases in order to guarantee the appropriate level of security to the client. Moreover, the customization of each of the phases to meet the client’s specific needs has allowed them to control and modulate the different levels of service.

The project was designed in accordance with the three fundamental principles of information security: availability, confidentiality and integrity.

Availability, meaning a guarantee of service continuity (business continuity), is obtained through highly redundant and geographically distributed systems, able to prevent interruptions in the user’s activities at any time and in any situation. Thanks to the chosen Disaster Recovery systems, Lutech can guarantee continuity even in the event of a simultaneous crash of data centers, with the certainty of restoring the information, sacrificing only (and inevitably) the data transmitted at the exact moment of the event.

Confidentiality defines the precise identification of the user, regardless of the location from and the device with which they connect, and access information remains segregated within a protected environment.

Finally, integrity ensures the consistency of data with the actions carried out by the user and no one, except authorized persons, can access them.

With these three fundamental parameters satisfied, Lutech also added 24/7 monitoring carried out by a dedicated team, thus closing the circle on the project.


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Case history

A cybersecurity center of expertise with which to provide services to clients and spread the culture of systems integrity and security