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Improving market share and loyalty through target behavioral analysis

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Improving engagement of the end customer and HoReCa professio

Consumer Data Platforms (CDP) – part of Customer Engagement & CRM solutions – have proven to be particularly effective application solutions for behavioral analysis of the reference target, both on proprietary and non-proprietary channels.

In particular, the client, a worldwide leader in the Food & Beverage industry, wished to increase the market share of a specific product, by activating – on the web and the brand’s social channels – a solution capable of obtaining information from both end consumers and bartenders.

In order to carry out the behavioral target consumer & trade engagement project, Lutech selected the Cyrano solution, developed internally by its Customer Engagement & CRM team.

Cyrano is an omni-channel customer data platform capable of managing every phase of the marketing funnel:

  • Big Data Analysis to identify insights and opportunities regarding brands, products/services, targets, and competitors
  • Definition of targets and micro-moments for optimization of media investments
  • Geo-behavioral targeting recommendations

Gamification and target consumer rewarding

The client’s objective was to increase the market share in the so-called “away from home” channel, using a well-known cocktail that uses the basic ingredient of the brand as a marketing lever.

The aim was to increase exploitation of the product’s heritage and, for this reason, the direct engagement of bartenders would guarantee a greater frequency of consumption and differentiated positioning.

The customer, a well-known Food & Beverage brand, requested engagement on both the B2B and B2C sides to achieve greater visibility on a channel that is hard to reach with traditional tools

Bartenders, in fact, have the power to push one brand over another when making cocktails. That is why it was necessary to define a mixed strategy involving the operator (B2B) and the customer (B2C).

We worked together with the client to implement the Cyrano customer data platform in support of the project dynamics through specific actions:

  • User registration via social media login.
  • Stimulus, tracking and rewarding of virtuous actions on:
    • Digital touchpoints (contest website, official Facebook page of the brand, Facebook channels of the bartenders and registered consumers).
    • Physical touchpoints (cocktail bars: accesses, drinks, votes for bartenders).
  • Management of contest specifications with weekly rankings, general rankings, instant win and gamification.

Each participating user was thus profiled from both a socio-demographic and behavioral point of view. This information has allowed the brand to establish a medium-to-long term relationship with consumers or, better, with each cluster of users to whom messages can be sent, which are certainly relevant for the recipient.

Long-term client accompaniment

Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing, for a path which exploits every customer interaction with the brand

Different Customer Journeys for B2B and B2C targets

In this project mode, the Customer Journey manifests itself through two different experiences.

The bartender is engaged by a promoter at the point of sale. They register with their data and photo and give reasons for choosing the brand. Once the bartender is activated, the venue is mapped on the consumer platform and is set up with specific visibility materials related to the initiative.

Consumers, on the other hand, are invited to visit participating venues on a geo-behavioral basis (paid + owned media) to try the right cocktail. If consumers wish to join, they must register and then have the opportunity to check in at the participating venues and vote for the bartender and cocktail. In addition, consumers can earn points by interacting with the social content of both the brand and individual bartenders.

Engagement and profiling for lasting relationships


Customer data platforms are effective and powerful tools that guarantee an immediate and definable ROI on individual projects or wide-ranging strategies

At the end of the project, 2,700 bartenders and over 17,000 consumers had been engaged and profiled. The brand fanbase on Facebook increased by 7% and, finally, the trade marketing relationship between the brand and the venues improved thanks to a greater frequency of use of the product.

The activation of this type of solution proves to be effective for specific marketing operations at the launch of new products or special initiatives.

Cloud Customer Data Platforms are a tool that acts horizontally on all touchpoints – online and offline, proprietary and non-proprietary – and, if managed and customized by competent structures, quickly contribute to a positive ROI.

New markets and brands

The data collected contribute to the creation of particularly interesting user clusters, also with a view to launching new markets or new brands.


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