Energy & Utilities

The digital transformation of the energy sector follows the paradigms of sustainability and advanced monitoring.

The progressive increase in competitiveness, linked to market liberalization, has led market operators to implement business models which maximize process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

From this perspective, functional and technological innovation play a key role in the design and execution of multi-year strategic plans.

The gradual digitization of back-end and front-end processes is becoming one of the main areas for investment by market operators: IT infrastructure must be engineered in such a way as to allow it to support modular and scalable application maps which offer microservice functionality and are open to multi-cloud business models.

The National Center for Sustainable Mobility (MOST) for the digital and green transition

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The role of the Digital Twin in the Energy&Utilities sector.

The concept of a Digital Twin has become increasingly popular in the energy and utilities sector, as it allows for the creation of a digital representation of a physical asset, such as a building, power plant, or power distribution network. 

In this context, the Digital Twin can be used to monitor, control, and optimize operational processes and maintenance of physical assets, improving efficiency and reducing costs. For example, a Digital Twin can be used to simulate the effect of various energy management strategies on a building, enabling managers to select the most efficient solution for reducing energy costs.

Lutech offers solutions for the design, development, and operation of digital twins, which are solutions that can integrate large masses of data, coming in real time from various internal (field data from networks or consumers, business data) and external sources (trading weather data, processing, regulations), using advanced information visualization techniques, data modeling according to industry standards, application development for data source integration, design development of advanced data analysis algorithms, all leveraging an important set of industry expertise and a network of technology partners, market leaders. 

The application of Digital Twin projects covers all areas of the Energy & Utilities sector, from generation, to energy transport/transmission, to distribution and sales. In the water sector, the digital applies to the entire integrated water cycle, from capture, to the management of pressurized and free-flowing sections, to wastewater management. In smart city services, the digital twin applies to sustainable mobility and optimized waste collection and management.

Sustainability and innovation: the era of energy sharing

Focus on

Consumers increasingly attentive to sustainability and costs

In the age of energy sharing, consumers are more active in the choice process, comparing costs, focusing on sustainability, generating energy, and looking for ease of access to services and security in the management of their transactions.

Management and analysis of big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are some of the areas of innovation which must be handled by market operators to satisfy these new requirements. Clients must be assisted to effectively manage their choices, their consumption, billing, and value-added services.

The transition towards advanced business models requires specific responses:

  • Innovative IT solutions

  • Cloud-based platforms

  • Innovative digital models for managing the business and market
    (e.g. E-mobility)

Lutech Energy Solutions

End-to-end approach

Energy Management

Energy Trading

Risk Management

Energy Data Management & Provisioning.

Lutech offers an innovative IT platform dedicated to the energy and utilities industry which is able to integrate the company’s own internal expertise with the best external services and solutions offered by sector partners.

Lutech helps the utilities and energy market to grasp nascent market opportunities through an approach based on specialist skills and vertical solutions which integrate with legacy market solutions:

  • Consultancy and systems integration services to optimize the commercial energy management, energy trading and risk management processes.

  • Management of IT assets (multi-cloud management) and internal operations, with advanced energy data management & provisioning solutions.

  • Streamlining and optimization of interactions with consumers (e.g. IoT) and the management of online payments (e.g. smart payments, CRM solutions for modular billing management).

  • Smart metering, automated and digital, and corresponding consumption management infrastructure. (e.g. Smart Grid)

  • Automation of operating processes through machine learning and robot process automation - RPA; retail fraud and cybersecurity infrastructure solutions; Solutions for the meter2cash and digital customer experience chain.

Smart & Machine Learning solutions

Smart payment 

Smart metering

Automation & RPA

About us – Lutech Energy team

Lutech’s Energy & Utilities team is made up of more than 700 professionals and managers with over 20 years of management, functional and technical experience. We develop innovative vertical solutions, with a focus on cloud-native applications and a microservices multi-cloud delivery mode.

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