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Lutech Open Innovation

The training and recruiting of new talents, support for new start-ups and the development of new lines of innovation, this is the Lutech Group project to contribute to the innovation of the country system

The development of digital skills is at the center of the challenge that the digital transition, in all its forms and in every sector, poses to companies such as Lutech for the innovation of companies and the entire country system.

Italian companies have a unique opportunity thanks to a substantial part of PNRR resources dedicated to "Digitization, innovation and competitiveness in the production system", but these investments need first of all to develop new skills that know how to effectively govern and manage the digital transformation processes.

"The challenge of creating the future protagonists and supporters of digital transformation and investing in the re-skilling of the ICT sector is crucial to support companies in innovation and can only be won thanks to an ecosystem in which System Integrators, Technological Partners, Universities , Training Bodies, Companies and Institutions integrate know-how and needs to build concrete and effective paths for the digital evolution of the Country "

Thus was born the Lutech Open Innovation platform, which with the Lutech Campus in Milan and the Technological Innovation Center of Bari as its first steps, is already a reality capable of attracting and training new talents, launching new start-ups and leading R&D projects. on the most strategic technologies in the STEM world, from Blockchain to Quantum Computing, from 5G & IoT to AI and ML, for specific paths that will lead to the development of vertical solutions for the key industries of the country's economy.

Find out more about the projects in Milan, Bari and Parma to train future advocates of "useful" innovation

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Lutech Campus in Milan, for training and innovation of the future

Innovation, Research & Development and training on STEM issues at the center of the new Lutech Campus

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In Bari, the Technological Innovation Center of the Lutech Group

Within the Lutech Digital 4.0 R&D project, an innovation pole is born with an investment of 14 million euros in local areas and resources, for recruiting and the development of innovative solutions based on AI, AR, microservices, IoT and Blockchain

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DemoLab IoT

Visit our new IoT DemoLab and find out how to preview the experience of a 4.0 Factory. With Lutech, Cisco and PTC.

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