The Apax funds will acquire Lutech: new boost for the growth of the Group

***UPDATE*** May 14, 2021

Libra GroupCo S.p.A Announces the Successful Pricing of its Senior Secured Notes 

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Do you want to shape your business from end to end?

about us

We shape the change,
you take the challenge.

If Digital Evolution changes the rules of the game, we’ll reshape your challenges. We are your ideal partner because we create end-to-end solutions for your market and your business, through our three divisions: Lutech Technology, Lutech Digital, Lutech Products.

Because this is exactly what evolution is all about: being ready to change, every single day. 

Lutech for you

Question 1

Do you want to shape your future?

" The shape the future takes depends on us. More and more, global markets impose challenging business objectives and the need to identify customer needs in advance. Today, this is possible thanks to easy access to the main resource of Digital Transformation: data.
Digital management and analysis skills, innovative technologies, and proprietary solutions – which represent the cornerstone of Lutech – increasingly make the difference between those who see only the tip of the iceberg and those who are aware of what lies below. "

Tullio Pirovano

Chief Executive Officer

Question 2

Do you want to boost your business?

" Every market, every company, every need has a unique and exclusive voice. At Lutech, we work each and avery day to build services and solutions which meet the specific needs of your business, thanks to our expertise in vertical markets and our consulting-based approach. Whatever your goal is, it will take a special shape. Yours. "

Alberto Roseo

Technology Managing Director

Question 3

Does technology
really always come first?

" At Lutech, technology comes first. But always alongside you. We believe in innovation as an enabling factor, constantly supporting an authentic relationship and a common path. Dedicated teams, the passion of our workforce and solutions from the best technological partners in the industry: this is how more than 1,500 customers face up to the challenge of the digital transformation, alongside a trusted partner, 

Francesco Gadaleta

Digital Managing Director


Digital Transformation Vision and Trends


People and resources,
targets and achievements.

The figures speak for themselves
We believe in investing in our People, fostering their talents, leadership and passion.
433M €
We integrate the most innovative technologies delivering the highest performance to our Clients.
With technology and market driven end-to-end services we enable Clients to work easier, reaching their goals and evolving their business.
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Your trust, our confidentiality.

Market leaders have chosen us.
What have we done for their goals?


The future, in person.

We cultivate the talent to develop it. We are looking for the passion to make it grow. We support team spirit in all its forms. People are everything to us at Lutech, which is why we offer constant training, growth prospects, tools and resources to create value and continue to grow together. 


Vertical needs need different solutions.