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Lutech Talks: artificial intelligence for the economy, sustainability and society

Generating content, optimising processes and recognising emotions. These are just some of the incredible capabilities with which Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the economy and society on a global scale, imposing new verification tools on businesses and transparent decision-making processes on the public administration.

These are just some of the reflections that emerged during the latest edition of the Lutech Talks, the series of events organised by the Lutech Group to bring together personalities from the academic, institutional and entrepreneurial worlds in a round table discussion dedicated to the role of Artificial Intelligence for the economy, sustainability and society. The event, held today in Milan at the Museum of Science and Technology, brought together exponents of national and international calibre to bring visions, experiences and ideas on the tool that is shaping a new era, not only digital.

Now present in all industrial segments, from energy to finance to information, AI brings with it numerous benefits, thanks to the development of generative algorithms, capable not only of analysing an enormous amount of data, but also of learning information, processes and communication styles and replicating them in a matter of seconds. A set of benefits that, for companies, easily translates into increased productivity and process efficiency, but which also imposes strict controls and chains of responsibility.

With its unprecedented firepower, the adoption and application of AI also requires a deep understanding of risks and the definition of operational rules. Of particular concern are the effects of AI on information dissemination models, not only by the traditional media, but also by institutions that, with a skilful use of AI, can build a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable society.

These opportunities and critical issues were addressed at the event by Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York from 2014 to 202, Franco Bernabè, Chairman of Techvisory, and Stefano Ciurli, Head of Global Services Enel.

The first panel discussion 'Personalising the experience for a more immersive interaction' was attended by Annarosa Farina, CIO of the European Institute of Oncology, Federico Aguggini, Head of AI Transformation - Data Science and AI at Intesa Sanpaolo, Marco Barra Caracciolo, Chairman and CEO of Bludigit, and Andrea Fumagalli, Distributor and Partner Manager Italy, Spain & Portugal at Nvidia.

The second round table, dedicated to Public Administration, entitled 'Efficiency in PA: a change of step to meet citizens and companies', was attended by Luigi Pellegrini, ARIA's Central Operations Director, Alessia Cappello,
Councillor for Economic Development and Labour Policies of the Municipality of Milan, Lucia Fioravanti, Director of Finance and Corporate Affairs of the National Strategic Pole, and Filippo Ligresti, Managing Director Italy of Dell Technologies.

Giuseppe Di Franco, CEO of the Lutech Group, commented: 'Artificial intelligence with its creative capability represents a great opportunity. In order to be effective, AI requires three levels of implementation: after the infrastructural one (e.g. High Performance Computing) and a second one represented by solutions and systems (e.g. Chat GPT) that work on this infrastructure, there is the fundamental one of services. Infrastructure and solutions must be dropped into the contexts of companies, organisations and institutions in order to come to life and create a real impact for companies, society and the country system'.

Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York from 2014 to 2021, said: 'Artificial intelligence has the potential to help us address crucial social issues, but only if it is governed by humanistic values. New York has always supported this marriage of inclusion, entrepreneurship and innovation. For the model to work, we need to develop local policies that address some of the potential dangers of AI while promoting a more sustainable and equitable economy for all'.

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