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Lutech Group focuses on the peace of mind of its people

The Smart Working | Smart Caring project focuses on the physical, psychological and relational well-being of all people in the Group

Francesca Merella

Chief Human Resources Officer Gruppo Lutech

Francesca Merella

On Monday, June 6 2022, Corriere della Sera published a nice testimonial by Francesca Merella, Chief Human Resources Officer of Lutech Group, on the wellness-related initiatives recently implemented by our HR team in collaboration with EapItalia World, a company that offers services to businesses, particularly employee assistance.

As part of a wide-ranging article that the newspaper dedicates to the significant increase in requests for psychological support from employees of Italian companies, Merella explains how "The well-being of our people is fundamental, their health and balance are also issues that concern companies, which in fact are increasingly present and the new generations are asking us. The pandemic has disrupted the work and personal habits of all of us, this new somewhat forced normalcy has made the period complex. We had already picked up signs of malaise immediately after the lockdown and communicated internally that psychological support could be a valuable service."

"From the company's point of view, this is a push, an encouragement to use a secure, confidential and anonymous tool."

Logo Smart Working Caring

With the reopening of our offices and the gradual return to the office, we were called upon, as people and as a Group, to face a further change in our processes and habits. A change that we wanted to experience not as a return to the past, but rather as the initiation of a completely new working model that would enable us to improve not only our operations but also our relationships and our well-being.

Since, in order to reap the maximum benefit, it is necessary to gain awareness, skills and confidence, we created the Smart Working | Smart Caring project, which accompanies Lutech Group people on a path of professional and individual growth through the targeted support of specialized trainers, coaches and counselors.

Hybrid work, perfect balance

Harmonizing onsite presence with remote activity first requires organization and resilience. Therefore, some tools have been made available for everyone to effectively embrace change and find your ideal work-life balance.

SmartCaring Service

These include the SmartCaring Service, which offers all workers and their families specialized assistance from EapItalia World psychologists, coaches and experts to achieve targeted goals through a dedicated helpline. A confidential, free and secure telephone service.

Wellbeing Drops 2022

Wellbeing Drops 2022 è invece un progetto focalizzato su benessere, eWellbeing Drops 2022, on the other hand, is a project focused on wellness, balance, resilience, conflict management, proper nutrition, mindfulness and the ability to positively influence those around us. It is a monthly event hosted by Lutech management to talk with EapItalia World about physical, psychological and relational well-being through a series of webinars aimed at all Lutech Group people.

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