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A Cloud Journey to make unforgettable journeys real

Lutech's project based on AWS solutions for Explora Journeys: connectivity, governance, visibility and network control

Agility and the guarantee of always available services are the drivers that are pushing companies towards a path of cloud transformation, with the aim of providing the best possible customer experience. 

If it is true that this paradigm is transversal to all types of business, for the realities of the luxury world the need to bring to life an experience with very high standards also in terms of digital interaction and accessibility of services is mandatory and presupposes strategic and defined choices in its digital transformation path. 

The journey that led Explora Journeys, since its inception, to design together with Lutech a cloud infrastructure that was enabling for its own continuous innovation and an increasingly challenging time-to-market, begins from these assumptions.

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An end-to-end Cloud Transformation project

Explora Journeys relied on the advice of cloud experts from Lutech and AWS solutions to travel a real Cloud Journey with the aim of activating highly scalable and flexible on-demand services, to ensure the a vailability of services in different countries and thus make their destinations experience always available for sale. 

The end-to-end cloud transformation project saw Lutech as a protagonist in the entire life cycle of the project: from the advisory and analysis phase, to the implementation, up to the managed services phase of the entire cloud infrastructure. 

“The choice to select AWS as Cloud Service Provider was motivated by the AWS infrastructure concept to provide a robust and reliable platform that can scale up and down immediately. Using AWS gave us a unique opportunity to create for our business challenges an IT architecture efficient and resilient ensuring security and business continuity 24 hours a day.” 

Massimiliano De Rosa, Senior IT Manager – Infrastructure & Operations

The Cloud to accelerate innovation

The first step for a cruise industry customer is the moment of booking the trip. And it is thanks to the adoption of the Cloud that Explora Journeys has been able to innovate and optimize, in addition to other applications in use, the reservation system used, both to speed up the back-end processes and to improve the booking experience for customers. 
The implemented cloud architecture enables centralized management, control and visibility capabilities, focusing on the key advantages for the company's digital evolution: 

• Agility: accelerate time-to-market on a global scale thanks to a better distribution of content around the world, in order to extend the reach of the organization and the proximity with the final customer. 

• Speed: the use of a cloud network ensures the fastest delivery of content thanks to the use of thousands of servers around the world. This means that the content has less physical distance to travel between servers, giving end users faster, real-time access. 

• Reliability: available cloud security solutions ensure that users are protected from the latest web security threats, as well as significantly reducing the risk of server downtime through load balancing capabilities. 

• Security and Governance - the availability of integrated solutions with the main Cloud Service Providers allows you to maintain visibility and management of data flows and traffic matrices even in the presence of Multi-Cloud and hybrid situations.

Cloud network security as a priority

In a multicountry context and with an important number of suppliers and collaborators who must have access to their IT ecosystem, Explora Journeys could in no way leave anything to chance on the topic of Cybersecurity. Together with Lutech's Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), and under the guidance of the Well-Architected framework of AWS, AWS Control Tower has been implemented which allows you to manage a multi-account environment in a scalable and secure way.

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