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Lutech Campus is born: training young talent on the leading edge technologies of the IT industry

The innovative Open Innovation training and incubation platform conceived, designed and promoted by Lutech Group

Lutech Campus was born today, in the large multifunctional spaces of the new Cinisello headquarters, the innovative Open Innovation training and incubation platform conceived, designed and promoted by Lutech Group, a leading Italian and European player in ICT services and solutions. Presented during The Twin Transition Challenge event, the Lutech Campus was created to train new talent and support companies in their business development, confirming the company's commitment to training and investment in innovation.

The Lutech Campus offerings, will be developed along four main lines: realization of training courses for high school graduates, undergraduates and recent graduates of STEM disciplines, as well as for Group Clients, on specific leading edge innovation topics - Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity, 5G & IoT, Fintech & Insurtech - in collaboration with universities, research centers and industry specialists; selection and incubation of innovative startups in the above areas; realization of a demo lab for students and Clients on the selected technologies; and creation of a platform for the realization of events and scientific popularization.

The courses will be dedicated to young people who want to specialize in STEM fields, with a focus on narrowing the gender gap in the world of technology and the digital economy, thus encouraging the participation of female students, as well as facilitating deserving students experiencing difficult situations both economically and socially and promoting the re-skilling of active professionals in the world of work.

Context for the launch was "The Twin Transition Challenge" event, a panel discussion designed to address the small and large challenges of the ecological and digital transition. Among those present at the event were Tullio Pirovano, CEO of Lutech Group; Roberta Cocco, member of the task force of the Ministry of Ecological Transition; Gianluigi Vittorio Castelli, professor at SDA Bocconi School of Management; Agostino Santoni, president of Confindustria Digitale; and finally representatives from companies such as Cisco, Dell Technologies, Fortinet, Red Hat, Salesforce, and VMware.

"Digital innovation and the green revolution are the great challenges of contemporary times," said Tullio Pirovano, CEO of Lutech Group, "and The Twin Transition Challenge was a unique moment of confrontation. Developing innovative projects that contribute to the technological evolution of our country has always been Lutech Group's main goal. This is why we decided to launch the Lutech Campus: to give our concrete contribution to those young people who are committed to the future every day."

"The creation of the Campus confirms Lutech's commitment to training talents on leading edge technologies, who will experience their industrial application together with our Customers and Partners," - emphasized Alberto Roseo, Chief Marketing, Communication & Strategy Officer.

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