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RRP and digitization of public bodies

Simplify, innovate, secure public administration bodies for the recovery

The new Public Administration for the EU Next Generation

The digital transformation of the Public Administration, both central and local, has always had the goal of effectively simplifying relationships with citizens and companies, for agile use of the services provided to them by public bodies.

The Public Administration will take on a strategic role in the post-pandemic recovery, a genuine enabler of growth. A role recognized and confirmed by the funds provided for by the RRP, with challenging yet well-defined goals, centered on digitization, innovation and competitiveness of the public administration, which will become an ally for citizens and companies alike thanks to ever-increasingly integrated, accessible and “fast” services.

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A faster, simpler, and better performing digital administration

Cloud transformationintegrated data accessible among the various public administration bodies, development and consolidation of document-exchange platforms and digital identity are the essential steps for providing high-performance, secure services to citizens and companies.

Having 100% of the population connected by 2026, with high-speed Internet access, with the consequent investments in network infrastructure throughout the country, will naturally become the key factor for a public service which no longer slows the productivity of companies and which is in keeping with the rhythms of today’s citizens.

“By 2026, we want to guarantee all Italians gigabit connections and work to develop 5G networks and services.
In the next five years, we will move 75% of the Italian public administration onto cloud services, we will make public data interoperable, we will provide 70% of Italians with a single digital identity, and we will increase the use of remote medicine and digital medical records.”

Vittorio Colao, Italian Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization

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Public & Healthcare Solutions

End-to-end solutions for modernization of the Public Administration

The innovation and digitization path for the Public Administration requires a myriad of expertise and services which Lutech Group is able to offer:

  • Technology Advisory services to meet the needs linked to new multicloud paradigms, to cybersecurity, and governance and compliance, at all levels 
  • Management of the technological infrastructure and communication networks (Networking)
  • Cloud Transformation, with the migration of infrastructure and applications necessary for the delivery of services to citizens
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity systems
  • Increasingly advanced, cutting-edge Cybersecurity solutions
  • Enhancing public information assets, in particular with open data, which, alongside Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, are making government bodies more accessible, open and reliable
  • Systems integration and interoperability between platforms, data and infrastructure
  • Big Data and advanced Business Intelligence tools to measure the performance of the public bodies and plans in progress
  • Artificial intelligence and RPA to optimize repetitive operations and reduce margins for error thanks to automation
  • Smart Cities for local public administrations bodies with the consequent development of Internet of Things solutions

From Strategy to Execution:
Lutech Public for the recovery

At Lutech, our decades of expertise in the Public and Healthcare sector have led us to create a task force to guide and support local and central public bodies in an end-to-end manner in defining the goals and implementing the project.

How can we support you?


Thanks to our knowledge of Public Administration and Healthcare processes, we can provide concrete responses to your requirements and to your challenges in the digital transformation and innovation pathway

The ability to interpret the needs of public bodies and integrate solutions from the best technological Partners is the added value that a Systems Integrator like Lutech can provide


We will implement the end-to-end digitization project, both in application and infrastructure terms, thanks to our nature as a Systems Integrator with different identities and expertise, but with a unified vision for developing your business. But once the project is complete, we will not abandon you! We will organize consultancy and training in order to get the best value out of the implemented solutions and technologies, for ever-increasing levels of performance

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