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RRP and the environmental transition

What opportunities does technology and digital innovation provide for Energy & Utilities?

The role of the Utilities in the country’s recovery thanks to the RRP

Increasing production of renewable energy, developing smart-grids, therefore strengthening the grid infrastructure and promoting the production and use of hydrogen.

The key points for achieving the goal of decarbonization by 2030 are clearly explained in the “Renewable energy, hydrogen, grid and sustainable mobility" component in Mission 2 of the RRP dedicated to the Energy Transition and Mobility.

The Utilities, which naturally cover a strategic role for the whole corporate production sector as well, are about to become the key players in a radical change of approach to energy sources, towards a sustainable, decarbonized economy in line with the European Green Deal and the ambitious goal of achieving "net-zero" by 2050.

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Energy Solutions

End-to-end solutions for Energy & Utility innovation

The innovation and digitization path for the Energy and Utility sector requires a myriad of expertise and services which Lutech Group is able to offer:

  • Data Science and Smart Metering solutions, for intelligent energy management
  • Consultancy and Systems Integration services to optimize the commercial Energy Management, Energy Trading and Risk Management processes.
  • Management of IT assets (Multi-Cloud Management) and internal operations, with advanced Energy Data Management & Provisioning solutions.
  • Streamlining and optimization of interactions with consumers (e.g. IoT) and the management of online payments (e.g. smart payments, CRM solutions for modular billing management).
  • Automation of operating processes through machine learning and Robot Process Automation - RPA
  • Retail Fraud and Cybersecurity infrastructure solutions
  • Solutions for the meter2cash and Digital Customer Experience & CRM chain
  • Smart Cities for local public administrations bodies with the consequent development of Internet of Things solutions

From strategy to execution:
Lutech Energy for the recovery

At Lutech, our decades of expertise in the Energy and Utility sector have led us to create a dedicated team to guide and support the key players in the sector in an end-to-end manner in defining the goals and implementing digital transformation projects.

How can we support you?


Thanks to our knowledge of the sector’s processes, we can provide concrete responses to your requirements and to your challenges in the digital transformation and innovation pathway

The ability to interpret the needs of Energy companies thanks to vertical expertise in the end-to-end processes of the sector and integrate solutions from the best technological Partners is the added value that a Systems Integrator like Lutech can provide


We will implement the end-to-end digitization project, both in application and infrastructure terms, thanks to our nature as a Systems Integrator with different identities and expertise, but with a unified vision for developing your business. But once the project is complete, we will not abandon you! We will organize consultancy and training in order to get the best value out of the implemented solutions and technologies, for ever-increasing levels of performance

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