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The Lutech Forest is born

500 trees to help reforest the Amazon Rainforest, thanks to Lutech Next Generation Manufacturing enrollments.

On the occasion of the Lutech Next Generation Manufacturing event, dedicated to the digital transformation of the industry, Lutech Group has chosen to actively contribute to the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest, to offset CO₂, protect the biodiversity of the planet's "green lung" and support local indigenous people. The trees planted are in fact donated to farming families, who by harvesting the fruit produced will receive concrete help and a new source of income.

The Amazon rainforest has been threatened by deforestation and fires for years.
Through Lutech and zeroCO₂'s project, each registrant at the event helped restore, conserve and enhance biodiversity in the world's largest rainforest by planting endangered tree species. Local communities themselves were also involved through collective plantings in order to directly support indigenous people.


Trees planted


Kilograms of CO₂ offset


Supported families

1 tree planted for each enrollment thanks to the zeroCO₂ project

How have we contributed together to the cause of reforestation?
For every Lutech Next Generation Manufacturing event registrant, we added a tree to the Lutech Forest.
Thanks to the code received associated with their tree, each registrant will be able to receive information about their tree and follow its growth online!
One small step to take together for a greener future!

Partners for the Digital Transformation

Special thanks go to all the partners who made Lutech Next Generation Manufacturing and the zeroCO₂ project possible. Cutting-edge solutions and technologies, indispensable players to achieve success stories and evolve day by day.

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