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Lutech Group is Italian partner of Stibo Systems

The Danish multinational is the world leader in Master Data Management

The Italian Masters of Data Management


The Master Data Management Company

Stibo Systems is the only organization with the people, the technologies and the MDM multidomain expertise required to supply integrated solutions which increase the transparency of data.

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Lutech Group has signed a partnership agreement with Stibo Systems, world leader in Master Data Management. Stibo Systems’ application services allow companies to build a single reliable data source able to improve the customer experience, create a real digital transformation tool based on data, and increase business.

The value of Stibo Systems’ solutions takes on even greater significance in a data-driven economy, in which corporate choices depend primarily on processing data which can be acquired from sources inside and outside the company.

A data-driven strategy today represents a necessary enabler to set a company apart from its competition and guarantee a time-to-market in line with market requirements. At the same time, however, there is a very high risk of being dominated by data rather than owning it, given the enormous quantity of information which can be acquired from the corporate application systems, from those of suppliers and from numerous conversation sources present on the Internet.

A study published by Harvard Business Review assigned a quality value to data generated by a panel of companies, finding that just 3% of the analyzed data was “acceptable”. This means it is essential for companies to have application tools at their disposal capable not only of acquiring and building a single point-of-view of the data generated, but also of processing them in such a way as to present the gist and eliminate everything which is not useful, redundant or immediately useful; in short, to have high-quality data available to them.

Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management platforms have precisely this function: to create a single aggregator of data – internal and external to the company – which can be used from a single management console, eliminate duplicate data or data which are not useful, and combine incomplete data through matching sources.
In so doing, companies can not only count on a single data processing hub, but can distribute different information to the different stakeholders. The sales and marketing division, for example, can count on a set of information more useful to its mission, which will be different to those relevant to the supply chain.

The partnership between Stibo Systems and Lutech Group falls under the Lutech.Digital division’s expansion of its offering within the scope of Customer Experience solutions. As a systems integrator, Lutech Group is pursuing the precise goal of selecting the leading solutions for a given practice from the market, allowing its clients to embark on a digital transformation path with data as the main strategic inspiration.

“Our partnership with Stibo Systems allows us to share the data-driven paradigm with companies of all sizes and sectors,” says Mattia Skuly, Digital Sales Specialist at Lutech Group, “and in areas not necessarily related to Customer Experience. Indeed, the different Master Data Management platforms allow all types of data to be gathered and processed. For example, in manufacturing, they can be particularly effective in building a precise map of the supply chain, providing a qualitative value to the product which is clearly perceptible by the market.”

According to the different references which can be viewed on the official website of Stibo Systems, the Danish company’s platforms improve the quality of data and reduce data management costs by 67%. These types of solutions also help improve customer loyalty, increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and increase average order value, as well as improving the efficiency of customer service thanks to the quantity of genuinely useful and always-up-to-date data.

“We are happy to build a solid partnership with Lutech Group, a specialist in enabling the digital transformation of Italian companies,” said Christian Oertzen, President EMEA and APAC of Stibo Systems. “It is an important step in our support for Italian companies in creating the necessary transparency in their corporate processes thanks to our master data management solutions.”

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