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Lutech Prime Integrator of Rai Way at the outcome of the tender for the launch of the "IP Matrix" project

Lutech's role was to integrate the best network and broadcasting technologies into a single homogeneous technological platform

Lutech was selected, through a public tender, by Rai Way, the leading Italian operator of network services and infrastructures, as Prime Integrator for the launch of the “IP Matrix” project.

The project's goal was to leverage the flexibility of Software-Defined IP networks to design and implement an entirely new contribution and distribution infrastructure, combining the best of state-of-the-art SDI and IP worlds.

The Rai Way “IP Matrix” infrastructure is currently in production.

Leveraging its unique mix of IT, IP networking and Audio-Video skills, Lutech's role was to integrate the best network and broadcasting technologies into a single, coherent platform managed and orchestrated by Dataminer (solution of the partner Skyline), simplifying Rai Way operations for its maintenance, management and evolution.

The challenge included a complete transformation of the Video-IP paradigm - including SMPTE ST2110 / ST2022-6 / 7 transport - and the use of a duplicated network infrastructure in Cisco and Arista technology for optimal reliability.

The "IP Matrix" performs the processing of compressed and uncompressed signals, routed to various strategically selected sites to ensure business continuity. The matrix services can be easily interconnected, addressed and protected in multiple ways by Rai Way operators, simply by using an intuitive Network Orchestration graphic interface. Matrix operators can also rely on multiple management, inspection and visualization solutions for broadcast grade, ultra-low latency applications.

To complete the IP networking architecture, top-class transmission technologies provided by Lutech partners Imagine Communications and Enensys are used. They guarantee maximum versatility, precision and reliability for the management of both baseband and compressed Audio and Video streams.

The solution was implemented respecting the challenging frequency refarming program of the Italian DVB network and the switch-over plan to T2 technology.

"Lutech is honored to have been chosen as prime integrator for Rai Way's IP Matrix project. This project is a significant step towards the new full-IP, Software Defined & Orchestrated infrastructure paradigm of broadcast operators - said Aurelio Severino, Customer Sales Executive at Lutech - It also represents a qualitative leap in the way these infrastructures are managed, optimizing the use of resources on the one hand and making it easy for operators to perform management and reconfiguration activities, even complex ones, through a user interface. simplified and intuitive ".

"In a context characterized by the pandemic crisis, we knew that, in order to be successful, we had to guarantee deliveries on tight deadlines with the high level of quality expected for this type of project. Tackling the challenge was only possible thanks to the fantastic teamwork both with the Rai Way team and with our technological partners that we have selected for the project ”, said Alessandro Pirovano, Lutech's Telco & Media Product Leader.

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